„Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion“

 Leigh Hunt

I guess that you would like to know who we are, so I’ll give you information about the pack…

Scala dei Turqi 2019

Heejin, my beautiful Lady, european and asian mix, born in Hamburg. Like she always says ‚I’m a real Hamburger‘. She’s addicted in any kind of design especially Interior Design and Fashion. Gorgeous Lady with a big heart for animals. Always in for a good meal. She’s travelling since she’s a lil kid.

Sapa/Vietnam 2019

Azumi, discovering the world with her big heart. She loves beeing outside with her brother. A lil beauty princess, I guess she got it from my mom. She’s going anywhere ….but never without her pink Rabbit called ‚Hasi‘ that my mom gave to her when she was 3 month old.

Sapa/Vietnam 2019

Jun. so polite for his age. Very gentle and charming. He’s absolutely in cars especially Bruce! (Like his dad :D) A sporty dude with lots of talents. Mostly smiling except when he wakes up after a nap. He loves nature and any kind of insects and animals. This guy is sugar….

last but not least…

Vinh, I have a big passion for travelling and especially overland travelling. We use to do a lot of roadtrips with my business car what went well for some time. But after a while i knew we need something bigger, better and nicer! I’m addicted in photography, sports, dancing and music. Always crazy and mostly in a very good mood.

Like my kids use to say……’coolest dad!‘ 😀