Sicily 2019

Our roadtrip to Sicily

It’s been a few month til we’ve been to Sicily. It was hot, it was full of positive experiences it was absolutely STOKE!
But let me tell you more details about this awesome trip.

How it began:

My brother and I brought Bruce from Poland to Germany, we arrived around 4 am in the morning. After a exhausting 12h drive we threw all our stuff into the trunk and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning we woke up and sipped a on a nice cup of vietnamese coffee. The Pack and me were looking forward to this trip since weeks, it was the first trip with Bruce. So everything was checked and around 1pm we were heading down to sicily. Having a stopover at my Mom’s in Mindelheim and than our first night in the mountains of Dornbirn/Austria where everything started years ago. I really wanted that night up there.

Dornbirn/Austria! 😀

The night was clear and warm. Very sweet for the very first night.

We kept on driving to the italian border with the idea of driving around switzerland because i heard that it’s not allowed if the car is not registered on yourself as i still had an polish plate and insurance running on Bruce.
But the reality was that we were crossing switzerland without knowing it. 😀 It turned out to be super beautiful. While crossing the Flüel Pass in switzerland we had to stop every 5 min to take pictures… of those down below:

We spent (or lost) a whole day on the way to sicily by passing 5 swiss passes on the road.

Have i mentioned that i calculated 2,5 days to sicily and btw we were invited to Heejins stepbrother’s wedding on Wed 24th of July at 10am? You know what’s coming.. 😀 But i will turn back to this later.

So as we were crossing down Italy we spent the second night almost on the highway, not that beautiful but okay to get some sleep because we knew that we had to head on to Sant’Angelo di Brolo.

What’s really positive on Parking places in Italy:
– Mostly clean
– Autogrill every 30 km max. with FREE SHOWERS!!!

Free Showers


…..on Wed 24th of July 11pm! HAHAHAHAHA

We did a lot of things in Sicily. Here are a few of them:

  1. Offroading
    When you’re an offroad enthusiast as we are, Sicily is the place to be! It’s paradise! You’re climbing up the mountains and you mostly have the coastline next to you. The view is always breathtaking.
    On (Daddy’s) Instagram is a short video for those who don’t believe 🙂
  2. White Cliffs
    Go to Scala dei Turchi , the white cliffs are incredible. Climb up and get to the other side of the beach. You will find your peace next to the crowd! Even our kids climbed up and down…so nice and cool! You can pick a random resort for the night or better you go to Herakleia Minoa and find a really nice spot right at the beach with your tent or Overlander.

About wildcamping in Sicily
It is NOT allowed to wildcamp in Sicily BUT sicilians are very nice and helpful! And if you are open minded, talk to the locals, ask them for permission and don’t left any shit except of your footprints you will feel the warmth. Kindness can take you to another level!

    Whether your overlanding or not, try one of these Agriturismos in Sicily or Italy! You will love it.
    We didn’t find a right spot and had the feeling to have a warm shower that night. So we found an Agriturismo in Riposto, next to the Vesuv, named Galea. We asked if they would offering us a place to stay for a night. And yes, they offered us a spot in their garden, we could use their sanitaries and also the pool for lil money. Hundred times better than staying at a regular campground. That was so kind. They served us best local food for dinner. Highly recommended!
    Connect yourself with some locals by joining their fiestas!!! You will get in touch with their regional cultures and FOOD! Absolutely priceless!
  1. Taormina
    …is a very beautiful city 204 Meters above sea level. As beautiful as it is, it’s very very touristic. So make sure you’ll go there very early or through a weekday. What I enjoyed the most is the very artistic part of Taormina. You’ll find a alot of self drawn plates with typical sicilian symbols. Very nice work!
  1. Etna
    Visit the most active vulcano in Europe, the Etna. Take a long tour if you have the time, it’s worth it.
    And if your lucky the majesty will show off! 🙂

While you’re there have a visit at Etna’s Donkey Trekking in Linguaglossa. Our Kids loved it. Salvo, the owner and tour guide, has such a warming charakter. We felt well in his hands. He made the tour unforgettable. He even offered us a place to sleep in his big big wine garden next to the Etna with a fantastic view. THANK YOU! We really appreciate! 🙂

Check his instagram for bookings: @etnadonkeytrekking
website: Etna Donkey Trekking (non paid ad, we just love the way he is)

  1. Fruits
    Eat as much fruits as you can. Sicily is popular for their big fruit farms. Oranges, Melons, Strawberries and Lemons…! I drank liters of fresh pressed Lemon juice EVERYDAY! 🙂
  1. Coffee
    Anytime is Coffeetime! Whenever you’ll go to sicily and order a coffee (we expect a cup of coffee) you’ll get something tiny. So wondering why you get an Espresso instead of a coffee?
    Because Coffee = Espresso
    I started every morning sipping on a ‚Cafe Alfredo‘ on the top of Bruce. It’s sweetened frozen Coffee. And if u want a big one order „Cafe Alfredo Doppio“. I drank Doppios between my liters of Lemon juice 😀

We had two breakdowns

1st Breakdown: Steering Gear leaks
FIRST OF ALL: Do not go to Land Rover Catania, tried to make money out of nothing. They told me that the Steering Gearbox is broken without having a really eye on it. I was looking for another service station and found (with the glory help of a random guy) ‚Centro Revisione Auto in Giarre‚ ! Instead of paying 1700 Euro at Land Rover’s he just tightened the screw on top of the Steering Gearbox and took 20 bucks!!!!!

2nd Breakdown: Clutch
We were on the way to the Etna but couldn’t climbed any mountain. So we drove with 10 km/h back to Riposto and some other guys told me that there is another 4×4 specialists in Riposto who could fix it in 1 day. We had a tight schedule getting back home so we were looking for that service station. After driving around in slow motion i decided to ask a random guy in a neon yellow shirt who was taping some stuff on a surface of a shop – It turned out to be that nice guy from the Etna that we met 2 days ago!!!!!! His name is Giovanni. He brought us to the service station that turned out to be his friend. So he did it in a day. For some reasons i had a second older clutch with me and he just changed it for 150 bucks. We were so happy and headed back home to Germany.

Thanks to the team from Coletta4x4 and Giovanni, you and your girl are always welcome in our home. Nice to make friends like this.

I guess i forgot some random stuff, i might give this topic an upgrade time after time. 🙂

We have a lot more to tell. Even some nicely kept secrets for different places. Feel free to get in touch with us if u need any help for planning your trip to Sicily.
Don’t panic, its free and no hidden fees 😉

The Lee’s