Đà Lạt

Da Lat at sunset

We left left Vung Tau for a 7h drive to the ‚city of eternal spring‘ a city up in the central highlands of vietnam, 1500m above sea level.

I know this city since i was a yound kid. My mom always brought us there because of the mild temperature against the tropical temperature that you usually find in vietnam.

The City is very romantic and was built up by an french colonialist back in 1890s.

We spent 2 days in a Hotel in Central Da Lat, next to the Nightmarket. So we had a very short walk to ‚Cho Da Lat‘ where you can find random stuff, especially food and fruits.

Da Lat is also popular for the tea and coffee farms and beautiful flowers.

flowering Da Lat

For Coffee and Tea lovers!
If you’re planning to buy vietnamese coffee or tea this is the right place to do it!! In Da Lat you will get the freshest coffee beans and tea leaves for a really good price. Support the locals. You won’t regret! 🙂

The best way to discover Da Lat is by scooter. We paid 150’k per day and this is the regular price for renting a scooter in Da Lat. You can get them in any hotel of your choice.

Must Do’s in Da Lat

  1. Go to your Hotel Service Point and rent a Scooter (around 150’k)
  1. Visit one of the beautiful Waterfalls. This year we went to two of those. First the smaller and non touristic Tiger Cave Waterfalls and on the day we left we visited Datanla Falls, which is more touristic from the opening in the morning until around 4 pm. What’s really worth it is the summer bobsled. Take the big one and you will just pay once. For the smaller one you have to pay for the entry to the falls and for the bobsled additionally.
    There is also a service point where you can book rafting, canyoning and climbing tours or a ride with the cable car above the falls.

  1. Have a walk through the Nightmarket Da Lat and try the different varieties of food. Go with ‚Dau Hu Nong‘ and ‚Banh Trang Nuong‘. The first one is warm soja gelee with a sweetened ginger sauce. For the mild climate – perfect!
    Second one is rice paper filled with egg, shrimps, onions and oil, grilled and wrapped. These two dishes are very popular for the Da Lat region. Vietnamese Streetfood on it’s finest!
    If you are more into fruits… Dry fruits everywhere. Cost you almost nothing and taste like crazy. I bought 3 kg of dried mango btw 😀
  1. Have a visit at one of the plenty Pagodas around Da Lat. The one the impresses me the most is the ‚Linh Phuoc Pagoda‘. It’s on the way to the Tiger Cave Falls. Make sure to have a stop there!
  1. Take your Scooter and drive to the highest point that you can find. Have a nice Cafe Sua Da up there and just enjoy the view, your life and forget all about your sorrows. PRICELESS!

After spending to days in Da Lat we headed back to the Beach.
So next stop …

– MUI NE –