All repairs will be shown and described down here.

I’m not a mechanic, but i have a Defender, so I will be trained to one! 😀

I started with checking the water ingress on the car. I think this is pretty important because we’re planning to go to colder regions as well. It’s not just the water that comes in, it’s also the cold air.
So this is one thing I should do very quick.

The Vent
I started with our ‚Aircondition‘ – the typical Defender’s issue.
I guess they were working pretty good for a period of time but after a while the sealings get dusty and cracked. I recognize water ingress in the drivers footwell. I read in different blogs that this could be the reason. So I replaced those old mosh sealings to newer Series III sealings made of rubber. After different adjustments on the vent they fit nicely.

A video and describition is coming soon.